Santa appreciates Newcastle’s industrial history as, let’s be honest, he’s a pretty industrious fellow himself! Whenever he’s there he likes to visit Nobby’s lighthouse to watch the big ships coming in and wonder what they’re bringing in – sometimes it’s just nice to watch someone else deliver goodies you know?

So if you want Santa to make your Christmas event one of his special ports of call this year just reach out to the friendly elves at The Real Santa to register your interest.

Whether you want to bring warmth and cheer to your local community gatherings or want this year’s retail holiday season to go off like a Christmas cracker, we’re here to put the magic into Christmas, like only The Real Santa can.

We’ve also got a cheerful crew of The Real Elf helpers to meet all your festive needs. To find out all the ways The Real Santa can bring the magic to the City of Newcastle, just download the brochure below.

For large bookings we may be able to provide a wider range of props from your nearest capital city. Ask us for the City brochure.

Here are the performers and props available in your area, click on each for images and information.

The Real Virtual Santa

This Christmas, you can have Virtual Santa appearances at Christmas Parties and events in your homes, events or workplaces all around Australia and even in other Countries! No matter what you can hire a Santa and he will show up to speak with you directly and realistically.

Meet Santa on your phone, tablet, laptop or even your Smart TV.

There are 4 packages to choose from:

  • The Real Virtual Santa Call
  • The Real Virtual Santa-Gram
  • The Real Virtual Santa Stream
  • The Real Virtual Santa Party