The Real Santa

The Real Santa performers all have genuine plush velvet suits, snowy white beards, big sturdy boots, enormous leather belts, spectacles, a sack for presents and a big belly full of cookies and milk.

Our performers are professionally trained and qualified to entertain the children and adults, they know how to make a grand entrance, pose for the perfect photo, tell stories about what it’s like living in the North Pole and even sing a Carol or two!

The Real Santa makes a grand entrance and captivate hearts with colourful stories of life with the Elves and reindeer antics.  He connects with the audience, makes them feel special with all of the energy and cheer that boys and girls love. The Real Santa knows how to enchant even the wiggliest child to snap an adorable photo.

You can view our Galleries to see how The Real Santa performs at a variety of events.

Guarantee The Real Santa magic at your next event!