The Real Virtual Santa

This Christmas, you can have Virtual Santa appearances at Christmas Parties and events in your homes, events or workplaces all around Australia and even in other Countries! No matter what you can hire a Santa and he will show up to speak with you directly and realistically.

Meet Santa on your phone, tablet, laptop or even your Smart TV – The Real Virtual Santa can magically appear on any smart device!

Live Streaming videos with Santa, Live Phone call from Santa or Pre-Recorded Santa video messages from Santa. You can make it personal, make it a surprise even, for individuals up to large groups!

Hire a Virtual Santa to send or call or chat to your colleague/s or loved one/s for the perfect Christmas Gift idea or work Christmas party idea! How great would a surprise video message from The Real Santa be?

There are 4 packages to choose from:

  • The Real Virtual Santa Call (from $15)
  • The Real Virtual Santa-Gram (from $35)
  • The Real Virtual Santa Stream (from $49)
  • The Real Virtual Santa Party (from $99)

(Prices exclude GST)

Scroll down for FAQs and Book your Virtual Santa experience today!

Experience The Real Virtual Santa from Anywhere

The Real Virtual Santa Call

– Live phone call from ‘The Real Santa’

This could be arranged as an unforgettable surprise Christmas gift idea or even used as a motivational tool to get some chores done in order to make it to the good list! ;). Send us some personal information (that only Santa would know) and we will personalise the call from Santa to make it oh so special.

Calls can be 2-20 minutes long and the phone can be passed around to numerous people (depending on duration of call).

Optional: The Real Virtual Santa Mailroom – Send us your letter to Santa and he will read it live on the call! (from $10)

The Real Virtual Santa-Gram

– Pre-recorded personalised video

This could be sent as an uber-special christmas gift to your family, friend/s, loved one/s or even your team at work. Send us some personal information (that only Santa would know) and we will customise the video to make it an unforgettable Christmas gift!

Your Santa Video Message can be 2-20 minutes long depending on the content required and number of people attending. Videos will be professionally recorded in studio at ‘The North Pole’, then edited and uploaded to a private Youtube page and the link sent to you. Or, for $10 we can send the video file to you by Email.

Optional: The Real Virtual Santa Mailroom – Send us your letter/s to Santa (or picture/photo/s) and he will take it from his magic mailbox, open, read and show it on the custom video! (from $15)

The Real Virtual Santa Stream

– Live One-on-One Video Chat

Book in a time to have a Real Live chat with the ‘actual-factual’ Real Santa! It could be 1 person, it could be your family or workplace team. This could be a surprise gift for a special someone or group, or a planned spectacle at your Christmas event!

Video chats can be 2-60 minutes long depending on the content required and number of people attending. Your child/ren, friends or colleagues can meet Santa live on Video at your chosen time

Optional: The Real Virtual Santa Mailroom – Send us your letter/s to Santa (or picture/photos) and he will open, read and show it live on the magical Video chat! (from $15)

The Real Virtual Santa Party

– Live group Video Chat

Book in an ultra-special time with your family, friends, team or colleagues from their individual homes, offices or events anywhere around the world! They can all log in at once and chat with The Real Santa! Santa can greet everyone as a group, and then can branch off and chat to each individual guest (send us names and an anecdote about each guest if you like!).

We can host the video or you can book the Santa Appearance to join your own hosted Virtual Christmas Party.

This is the perfect way to host the Work Christmas Party or or family Virtual gathering across the globe. Normally a visit from Santa with his props and decorations could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is by far the most cost effective way for your guests to meet and chat with The Real Santa live from ‘The North Pole’.

Video streams can be 5-120 minutes long with up to 100 screens/locations at once. Locations can be anywhere around the world!

Optional: The Real Virtual Santa Mailroom – Send us your letters to Santa (or pictures/photos) and he will read and show them on the Virtual Santa Party! From $15.

The Real Virtual Santa Mailroom

– Santa reads your child’s letter live

Why not send your child’s Letter To Santa directly to us and The Real Santa can collect it from his magic

mailbox and read it on the pre-recorded video or even live, while you watch! How good is that!?

You can also send us some other information separately so Santa can be magically ‘in the know’ for the ultimate interaction!

Available with Santa Call, Santa-gram or Santa Stream services.

Price $10-15 in addition to the call or video cost ($5 per additional letter)

Book one of the above 4 packages and check the box to say “Yes” to having Santa read your letter.

Call us now to discuss!


What currency are your prices in?

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are subject to 10% GST

What will Santa talk about?

In addition to talking with the person/people about whats been happening in their lives and their Christmas wishes, Santa will talk about what’s been happening at the North Pole, the mischief the Elves have been up to, the characters of each of the Reindeer and the home cooking and all round nurturement of Mrs Claus.

Can I have a call/video/stream any time I want?

The standard rates are for between 15th November to 23rd December and streams and parties should fit into our timetable which we will contact you about.  Calls & videos between 24-26th December and for any dates outside of the season are possible but for an additional fee. Contact us for a quote.

How will you get the letter to santa to read out?

For Santa Letters/Pictures, these will need to be posted directly to us well in advance. We will provide you with the postal address once you confirm the booking.

How will you know the personal information about my child?

When you confirm the booking we will send you a questionaire to fill out about the person/people Santa will be addressing. This will be personal information Santa would know, or the top 3 gifts on their wish-list, or it could even include details of where their gift has been hidden inside the house.

Can I send this as a surprise gift?

Absolutely. The Real Virtual Santa is the ultimate Christmas Gift. Set up a call, video, stream or party with The Real Santa to your unwitting colleague/s, friend or family member for the ultimate Christmas surprise!

If I book a 1 hour session what will you do or talk about?

For Santa Streams and Santa Parties longer than 30 minutes, activities such as stories, games and singing will be introduced.  Our Santas are professional entertainers and never run out of things to do or say.  Don’t worry about that!

Can I book a Real Santa visit in real life?

Yes, as long as you are in any of the following Australian locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Ballarat, Geelong, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Click on your location from the menu above to see what wonderful services we have available to you!